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Brewing equipment for new millennium

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Patented system

Unique patented mixing system in action.

Design so simple that is genius.

Brewiks 1000

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because not every brewery is the same

A lot of customers enjoying Brewiks 200, 300 and 500 breweries

and also Brewiks 1000 and 2000 !!!



Professional Focus

27 years of experience which we focus in quality and development.


Made by BREWERS!

We don’t just produce equipment. We are successful brewers, always pushing boundaries.


Are you special?

Use your local ingredients and make new kind of beer! Ever tried potatoes, garlic, spruce or beans?

Space required



Efficiency up to



Brewiks made my dream job come true. Take a look at our facebook.

Boris Popov

Master Brewer, RazBeerBriga

All my beers were developed on brewiks. It’s perfect.

Janez Skok

Founder, Maister brewery

It exceptional system in many ways: very small, very advanced, practical and includes everything most professional systems do. For our brewery most important point is that it is possible to make almost any kind of beer. We have chestnut beer, buckwheat, beer with potatoes and beans, etc. Bottom line: It’s great!

Denis Imširović

Master brewer, Brewery VIZIR

Best microbrewery

So, after having a couple of months’ worth of fun on this amazing system, designed and manufactured in Slovenia (EU), by a family owned company Mithraeum. It was the skillsets of two brothers and their families … READ MORE

Brewiks Story

Revolution of craft beer is here. We love to challenge the status quo.
We believe that it is possible to make your own perfect craft beer with little  but professional equipment.
So we chose a simpler and better alternative and reinvented the meaning of brewery by making a design that is genious and easy to use.
Through rediscovering the purpose of brewery for ourselves, we managed to establish the best microbrewery in the world called Brewiks.
The principle of brewing beer is easy, so why shouldn't brewing process be easy and fun too! With Brewiks "we make it simple for you".

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