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The website

This website guides you trough our Brewiks microbrewery  product range. It was built to educate customers about our products and services and to interact on direct basis.

The Company

Brewiks is a brewing equipment production line made by the Company Mithraeum d.o.o. The Company produces stainless steel products for the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries since 1990. We  research, develop, produce market and support the products and our customers directly and through our regional partners.


Our drive is to produce best specialized products that will help to preserve the brewing craft, help creating jobs and support local economy.


We've walked the road from transforming the company from no-name producer of high quality half products in the 90's to a known producer of  branded brewing systems. Our plan is to become a world-wide accepted leader in development of brewing machinery  till 2030 and secure the position as a leading innovative company in this highly traditional industry.


To make a diference and reinvent how things are done

To solve problems that local businesses encounter

To be the best in what we do


Since the beginning of sales in 2014, more than 200 brewers all over the world chose Brewiks products to build and expand their business. We try to update them periodically, but not all locations may be shown due to different reasons. 

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