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Brewiks 1000 a modular 1600 l brewing system. It is designed for those who want more. It is probably the simplest and easiest to work with 10 hl brewing system in the market. Even the basic two-vessel configuration can produce up to 1200 l of the 4,7 - 5% Alc. finished beer per batch, or 2400 l per day thanks to the same Brewiks® mixing system and high efficiency over 90. Its modular construction allows brewery to grow just by adding the functional elements, without need to replace entire systems

Top features

The size and the volume of the system requires more sophisticated equipment, such as powerful workstation with the 15” LCD touchscreen, motorized cutting blades in the Lauter tun and automatic spent grains removal after the lautering/sparging process. Connection between the tunes is still done with the hygienic hoses and manual valves what allows to maximally adopt to the landscape of the brewery and minimize the footprint of the system.

Brewiks 1000 can be modularly expanded up to 5-vessel system, with the growth of the business or according to the business current needs to produce 5 batches in two ships, depending on the complexity of the recipe.

Upon customers wish and needs, Brewiks 1000 manufactured after 2019 can be upgraded to different levels of automation with stainless steel piping and pneumatic valves.

Brewiks Boost heating system follows the same principle of heating with hot water as in smaller Brewiks 300 and Brewiks 500. It consists of an energy storage tank and a heating unit. This combination allows mashing and boiling with minimum peak power consumption and low maintenance. No permission for operating high pressure equipment is needed and the connection power remains on the same level as for the Brewiks 500 model.

Mash-In System takes a piece of work of you. The system consists of a silo and a screw conveyor. The malt is milled in the mill and stored in the operating silo. When needed, conveyor transports the malt directly to the mash tun. Optional mash-in automation allows to automatically start the mashing process of the first batch and save on man working hours during the brew day.



  • 15,6" touchscreen computer

  • Power cabinet

  • Connection for Boost heating system

  • Mixing pump

  • Height adjustable racking

  • Insulation in both vessels

  • Plate heat exchanger

  • Valves and fittings

  • Set of hygienic hoses 10 m, 5 m, 3 m, 2 m

Brewiks 1000 render.jpg


  • mashing;

  • whirlpool;

  • boiling.


  • lautering.


  • Basic 2-vesel Brewiks 1000 system with Brewiks boost included - 109.810,00 €

  • Turn-key 2-vesel Brewiks 1000 system with Brewiks boost, two-stage heat exchanger, Mash-in system, stand platforms for mash tun and for lauter tun and
    High quality Hot Water Tank (2000 L net)  included - 194
    .428,00 €

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