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Brewiks 200 - 500 Micro Brewery® are perfect brewing systems for small and growing breweries, and as a testing system for experimental recipes because of its awesome performance capabilities. It’s easy to use architecture is great for start-ups and educational institutes. All processes are controlled by the brewer with the help of industrial PLC, what makes Brewiks feel “like a home brew system on steroids”

Top features

Brewiks microbreweries are made on "plug and brew" principle. They do not require specialized installation and consist of two tunes on wheels, that function as mash tun, lauter tun, boiler and whirlpool.

Innovative mixing system allows our systems reach efficiencies up to 90 - 95% for all the model range so brewers can brew more wort per batch, faster, any gravity level, using just basic ingredients: malt, water and hops.


Model numbers 200, 300 and 500 refer to the volume of finished 9% ABV beer that it is possible to brew in them.


Built-in sparging system based on a heat exchanger allows to use the energy of the system to heat up sparging water as an alternative replacement of a hot water tank.


The built-in tube heat exchanger for wort cooling in the double wall of the system is highly efficient and does not need a lot of maintenance. It is separated by a 40mm insulation from the heating system and does not affect the systems mobility.

Wheels and elastic hoses allow to easily move vessels around, bring in and move away when they are not used, and make the smallest possible footprint inside the brewery.



  • EN 1.4301 body

  • PLC with 7” touch screen;

  • Power cabinet;

  • Electric heaters;

  • Hygienic pump, PLC controlled;

  • Steam condenser;

  • Sparging nozzles;

  • Valves and fittings;

  • Wheels for mobility;

  • Set of hoses 5m , 3m, 2m



  • mashing;

  • boiling;

  • hot water tank;

  • CIP vessel.


  • Lautering.

  • sparging;

  • whirlpool;

  • fermentation vessel.

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Pricing Brewiks 200 | 300 | 500

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