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When a brewery reaches its current production limit of its existing Brewiks system, or it wants to lower the expenses on working hours by shortening the brewing time, Brewiks PLUS comes as a natural solution for that and for the organic growth. In the combination with original Brewiks systems, the production growth reaches from 50% to 100% without the increase of the working hours or power supply.

Top benefits

Brewiks PLUS includes the basic functionalities of boiling kettle, whirlpool and can also be used for other purposes. It is equipped with its own PLC and can be linked to the power cabinet of the main brewing system for the power consumption control. Computer monitors the power of the main unit and restricts the load on the Brewiks PLUS heaters while the main heaters are on. If there is enough electrical power on the location, this function can be switched off and processes go even faster.



  • EN 1.4301 body;

  • Working volume: 430 or 730 liters;

  • PLC with 7” touch screen;

  • Electric heaters (12/18/24/36 kW);

  • Optional link to the main system for adaptive work of heaters and the operation without the increase of connection power;

  • High speed (3-4 brews per 10-12 h) in combination with Brewiks systems.


  • whirlpool;

  • boiling kettle;

  • Hot Water Tank;

  • Wort hold vessel;

  • CIP vessel.

Turnkey prices for Brewiks PLUS

Brewiks PLUS 300 price:  22.154,00 €, EXW Kanizarica 41A, Slovenija

Brewiks PLUS 500 price:  26.681,00 €, EXW Kanizarica 41A, Slovenija

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