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Brewing own beer in brewpubs and restaurants raises the added value of the business and revives the classic atmosphere of the brewpubs and restaurants.

Top features

Brewiks PUB combines benefits from Brewiks 300/500 and Brewiks 1000 systems. It is as simple to operate with as the first ones and it offers even more speed and efficiency due to the closed mash tun.

Mash tun/Kettle and Lauter tun/Whirlpool are mounted on the stainless-steel stand. Hot water tank is positioned separately so the entire set can be adopted to the floor plan of the pub as much as possible.

The system has a single cold-water inlet which is later divided to a system of tubes that lead to individual consumers. Bottom train outputs are connected to single outlet so there will be no spills on the floor of the pub/restaurant.

Entire system has one electric input for 5 pin A63 power socket.

Innovative mixing system allows our systems reach efficiencies up to 90 - 95% for all the model range so brewers can brew more wort per batch, faster, any gravity level, using only basic ingredients: malt, water and hops.


Brewiks 300 | 500 Pub is a two-vessel brewing set with a Hot Water Tank and working volume 470 l and 760 l.


  • EN 1.4301 body and platform;

  • Working volume: 470 or 730 liters;

  • PLC with 7” touch screen;

  • Electric heaters (21/24/36 kW);

  • Mixing pump;

  • Stainless steel piping with manual valves;

  • Sparge nozzles;

  • Steam condenser;

  • Plate heat exchanger;

  • Hot water tank.



  • mashing;

  • boiling;

  • CIP vessel.


  • Lautering.

  • sparging;

  • whirlpool;

  • fermentation vessel.

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Pricing Brewiks PUB

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