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Cold cellars are essential for brewing high-quality beer. It needs to be able to control temperature for optimal fermentation and maturation.

There are many ways to ferment and mature beer, and we have tanks for all of them. Simple fermentation tanks, insulated cylindroconical tanks, brite tanks, and hot water tanks. We have what you need to make great beer..

Top features

SCT Simple Fermentation Tanks are closed to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene, but they are not insulated and pressurised and though used only for the fermentation process.

CCT CylindroConical fermentation tanks are closed, insulated and pressurized. They are used for processing, fermentation, carbonation and maturation processes inside one unit.

BBT Bright Beer Tanks are closed, insulated and pressurized like CCT, and have a rounded instead of conical bottom. They are  used for the carbonation and maturation of beer

All tanks are equipped with valves, temperature regulator, electric cabinet and are Plug&Brew ready.



  • EN 1.4301 body;

  • Laser cut and welded cooling stripe cylindrical
    and conical part for cooling with cold water or glycol;

  • Manhole on top;

  • Fitting for an air lock or CIP ball on top;

  • Two butterfly valves;

  • Sampling tap;

  • Temperature regulator

  • Magnetic valve for temperature regulation

  • Power distribution cabinet

  • Electric wiring.



From 200 l to 2.000 l


  • EN 1.4301 body;

  • Inner wall: 3,0 mm

  • Laser cut and welded cooling stripes: 2,0 mm

  • Outer wall: 2,0 mm

  • Minimal operating pressure: 0 barg

  • Test pressure: 4 barg*

  • Oval manhole, opening inside: EN 1.4301/AISI 304

  • Insulation of machine expanded polyurethane foam: 80 mm

  • Two butterfly valves

  • Pressure regulation valve

  • Safety valve

  • Vacuum valve

  • Temperature probe PT-100

  • Temperature regulator

  • Magnetic valve for temperature regulation



From 250 l to 12.000 l

*PED/TUV certificates are not included

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